Before making any online purchase, it’s always nice to know exactly who you are buying from…so we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Hi, we’re Maria and Biagio, and we launched Vibrant Shutter in 2017 out of our passion for beautiful photography and editing.  We recently married in May 2015 and currently live in NYC, which is an amazing city to explore and photograph.  We met back in 2007, and quickly found that our interests in photography complimented each other very well.  Maria has more of a creative side and likes to shoot/produce inspiring photos and designs.  Biagio enjoys the technical stuff, like ensuring every camera setting is just right, and using the latest software (Lightroom, Photoshop) to make every photo its absolute best.

Over the last 8 years, we have developed many editing tools and other designs (such as overlays) that have been used both personally and professionally.  We decided to compile all of our best presets, actions and hand-designed overlays and share them with the world through Vibrant Shutter.  As you peruse the site, you’ll notice that some of the product photos are from our wedding day.  We share these personal shots because we are very proud of our products and the beautiful moments they help capture.  Whether you’d like to breathe more life into a personal photo, or deliver professional results to clients, we truly believe Vibrant Shutter will help create your most inspiring photography!

If you have any questions or need additional info about one of our products, please Contact Us and we’ll get back to you within a day.